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NYC-based producer Endemic Emerald is proud to present the release of his 3rd album entitled “The Virux”. Featuring such renowned emcees as General Steele, Chris Rivers, Sadat X, Planet Asia, Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx, Rim & Royal Flush - to name but a few - the set is packed with high class talent embedded in electrifying soundscapes. Endemic, known for producing outstanding compilation records [Terminal illness 1 & 2] once again does not disappoint with this offering, which comprises a cohesive selection of epic, yet gritty east coast bangers. Collaborating with a combination of legendary and upcoming rappers “The Virux” has that classic feel from beginning to end, ensuring it to become an underground favourite.



  1. The Virux
  2. Militant Ethos Ft. General Steele, Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx, & Royal Flush
  3. Champion Sound Ft. Darkim Be Allah & Kasim Allah
  4. The Awakening Ft. Planet Asia, Lucky Tatt & FRD FRLN
  5. Across 110th Street Ft. Revenge of the Truence
  6. Critical Mass Ft. Rim, Innocent? Foul Monday & DJ Mr. Switch
  7. Actual Science Ft. Planet Asia, Sadat X, Darkim Be Allah & Kenyattah Black
  8. They live Ft. Chris Rivers & Revenge of the Truence
  9. Battle Zone Ft. Ruste Juxx, Skanks, Supreme & DJ P.F. Cuttin
  10. Yesterday is Tomorrow Ft Mic Handz, Innocent? & Dready Kruger
  11. The Struggle Ft. Neek the Exotic & Darkim Be Allah

Endemic Emerald - The Virux white label

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