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Wu Tang Clan affiliate Emcee Darkim Be Allah teams up with producer Endemic Emerald to bring the “Antediluvian King” long player. Darkim Be Allah - renowned since the late 90's for his work with the Wu Tang family - educates with the 5% teachings of the Nation of Gods & Earths, which flow seamlessly over the melodic backdrops provided by Endemic Emerald. Features come from Planet Asia, Tragedy Khadafi & Kasim Allah - “Antediluvian King” is gritty, raw, NYC hip hop at its finest!


  1. The Lockdown
  2. BX-QB Ft. Tragedy Khadafi
  3. God’s wrath Ft. Kasim Allah
  4. Doing it
  5. Real black
  6. Original light
  7. The Black Gene
  8. Knowledge & Wisdom
  9. You know the gravity Ft. Tragedy Khadafi
  10. God of the universe Ft. Planet Asia


Digi -Pak lite Replicated CD

Darkim Be Allah X Endemic Emerald - Antediluvian King CD

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